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What forms of payment do you accept ?

I accept Cash, PayPal or Bank Transfers

Can you ship internationally ?

Yes, I can ship anywhere. Please take note that if your item is being shipped outside of the UK there maybe customs charges which I will not be responsible for.

Which currency are quotations calculated in ?

GBP - As my workshop is in the UK all quotations and transactions will be in British Pound Sterling.

Why must I provide evidence to prove my age ?

Due to the nature of the things I make for health & safety reasons and by law I can not work for anyone under the age of 18. The documentations you provide will be proof of who you say you are.

What will happen with my details ?

Your details will remain safe and confidential. They are only used as a proof of insurance and identification, nothing more.

How long does a commission take to complete ?

Because each build/project is different and they all come with there own set of strengths and challenges, I can only provide an estimate on time scales. It may take from several weeks to several months to complete an item. I also  work on a first come first serve basis, so there maybe other projects I have to finish before I can begin yours. All info about time scale and availability will be provided to you when you receive your quote.

Do quotations include P+P/Shipping ?

No, the quotation you receive will only be for Labour & Material costs. 

Because each project is different and due to the nature of the things I build. Size, Scale, Weight, Packaging and Location. A P+P/Shipping price CAN NOT be accurately estimated until the item is complete.

What age do I need to be to get a commission ?

You must be 18 or over for me to accept a commission. YOU WILL have to provide evidence/documentation to certify your age. Passport, Driving Licence ect.

Will I need to leave a deposit ?

Yes, any commission taken on must have a minimum of a 20% deposit of the final amount quoted. Payment must be made before starting work to cover material costs. You can choose to pay the whole amount at the start or pay over several instalments. (this will need to be agreed before work begins) Please take note that the item WILL NOT be shipped until the full amount (plus P+P/Shipping) is received.  

Can I arrange my own Courier or Collection methods ?

Yes, please contact me if you would like to arrange your own courier/collection once the project/commission is completed. 

Can you make multiples of the same item ?

Yes, depending on size/scale ect. I can make multiples of the same item. 

Will I have to pay for a quote ?

No, all quotations are free.

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